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Migration Service

Migration Service

Migration Service

Migration in Australia

  • Business/Skilled Migrants and job seekers

    From 1st July 2012 Australia will introduce the new EOI (selection model) for most of Skilled and Business Migration Visas.

    Australian Migration Services is committed to assist skilled migrants to connect with Australian employers. We offer a broad range of recruitment and migration solutions towards helping you gain successful employment and migration to Australia. Our licensed migration agents and experienced recruiters will assist you every step of the way with complex employment and migration issues to ensure a smooth and efficient transition into Australia.

  • Family Migration

    Family Migration maybe one of the most straight forward migration programs yet the most complicated in documentation. Please contact us if you wish to have your parents, spouse or child to reunite with you.

New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa

The New Zealand Skilled Migration Programme allows skilled workers in specialist occupations to immigrate to New Zealand to help fill workforce shortages.

New Zealand is currently experiencing a huge shortage of skilled workers in a number of industries so now is the perfect time to apply.

You no longer need to have a job offer or sponsorship to be eligible for a New Zealand Skilled Migration Visa, but if you do have a job from a New Zealand employer, you will get additional points to your visa application.

To be eligible for this New Zealand Work Visa you will need score at least 100 points in the skills test. The basic requirements are:

  • You must be under 56 years old.
  • You must meet the character and health requirements.
  • Your occupation must be on the skills list.
  • You must be fully qualified in your occupation.
  • You must have at least 3 years experience relevant to your qualification.
  • You must be fluent in English.

We deliver a friendly, reliable, quality service with a focus on the individual traveller’s specific needs and expectations.