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Umrah Package

Umrah Package

Umrah Package

However, the Umrah is recommended by the Holy Qur'an, and is a highly regarded practice in Islam.

There is a close connection between the rituals of the Umrah and the Hajj, to the extent they are often mingled together. There are only minor differences between the first part of the Hajj and the entire Umrah, and according to some views a Hajj automatically includes the Umrah. However, some scholars say that the Umrah is only performed when it is as an independent ritual.
The Umrah, a strong symbol of Muslim piety, is a highly individual ritual, as there is practically nothing of its acts that require the presence of other people.
The only part which cannot be done all alone is the shaving after all the other acts. But that is also not really a part of the Umrah — it only serves as a symbol of leaving the ritual of the Umrah.
The Umrah can be performed anytime throughout the year, with the exception of the days of the Hajj

Visa Conditions

  • No females will be issued a Visa without a Muhrem(Father,Husband,Son,Brother). Those who are above 45 years old are allowed without Muhrems.(Directions will be given them directly on what paper work is required)
  • No male below the age of 17 will be issued a Umra visa without Muhrem
  • Males below 18 years old will need to provide permission letter from both parents along with their photo IDs (Notarized) giving them permission to go to Umra with the male Parent/Group Leader

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